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I have trust issues.

I have trust issues.

I used to love wildly, fiending for my next fix of whirlwind romance and half-hearted I-love-you’s. Following my pure, naive heart into twisted mazes of giddy laughter and passionate embraces.

I knew what I was doing but the rush made me not give a damn. I just desperately wanted to fall in love.

But this time is different.

Now every step forward brings me to a…

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All the Women I Will Never Be (a poem?)

I wrote this on a whim last week because I was sick and tired of comparing myself to the other women in my life. I don’t know if guys do this, but women tend to get competitive amongst each other, and I am no exception. Except that it manifests in me like an inferiority complex, and as I get older and wiser I’ve come to realize that this is just unnecessary. So this is not really a poem, but more of a cathartic release. Bear with it until the end.


My mom called me sheltered this morning. Saying someone is “sheltered” has always held negative connotations for me since it means someone is clueless about the real world. It implies ignorance and I hate ignorance. So is it justifiable to say I’m sheltered because I’m not a shop-lifter? Is it a bad thing that I obey laws and don’t steal shit? That I would feel bad for the people in the…

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Rain (poem)

Sometimes I think of brilliant one-liners and then just forget about them. But not today!

I feel like I should stop and say hi to the rain today
Let it wash over my face
Soak through my clothes into my pores
Open my mouth and let it cleanse my throat

Because as hard as I may try, I cannot escape the rain

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Am I Free? (poem)

Am I Free? (poem)

Just whipped this one up on this cloudy Wednesday afternoon. The way the title of each following stanza opposes each other was entirely organic, I didn’t plan it at first. I think my poetry is way too long, but this story is important to me so I can’t just end it in the middle. Like I said before, I’m not a trained poet so I have no idea if this poem has any real literary merit. But I like how it…

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Echoes (a poem)

I’ve been wanting to take up poetry again for a long time, and tonight in my restless insomnia I produced this rough attempt. I am in no way a trained poet except for the limited learnings of high school English class, but I hope this is at least palatable to whomever is reading it. I at least enjoy it.


When you left me, the voices in my head came back/Echoes that grew louder and louder…

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  • me: but it's 2 AM
  • stomach: did i fucking stutter